Human Growth Hormone Overview

  • HGH molecule not isolated until 1950s
  • Used initially to stimulate growth in short stature children
  • Discovered to be useful in adults late 1980s (Dr. Dan Rudman)
  • Adult use results in decreased fat, increased muscle mass, increased skin thickness (reduces wrinkling) & increased bone density
  • Improves immune function
  • Improves heart function
  • Protects against developing ASVD (hardening of the arteries)
  • Protects against developing Type II diabetes mellitus
  • Considered to be “fine tuning” in age management patients
  • Negative effects-peripheral edema (swelling), aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome or irritation at injection site
  • Negative effects-acromegaly-very serious condition resulting from excessive HGH (typically seen with pituitary tumors)

Human Growth Hormone In Depth

HGH has stirred up a great deal of controversy. In one camp are the individuals or companies who make unrealistic claims that hGH will stop or reverse the aging process. In the opposing camp are those who jump at the chance to point out anything negative about hGH regardless of the authenticity of the support behind their claims. Opponents tend to use scare tactics advising the general public that hGH causes cancer and diabetes when, in fact, no such conclusive studies have ever been performed. Spokespeople from both camps are often seen on TV or quoted in magazines and newspapers. It doesn’t take a lot of watching or reading to determine in which camp they reside. When you hear anyone say that hGH cures virtually everything and can be used by anyone, you automatically should hold on to your wallet.

When controversy about hGH rears its head, the so-called self-appointed “experts” appear on television or the other media outlets and always make a point that hGH should only be used in short stature children and rarely in adults. They typically scoff at the many studies that have shown the positive effects of hGH in adults and stress their negative theories. For both groups, I believe that Sergeant Joe Friday, of Dragnet fame, said it best, “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.” When the smoke has cleared, I believe hGH will take its place beside other hormones that help maintain a higher quality of life for aging individuals. The controversy has arisen because biased people use pseudoscience to back their claims on both sides of the issue of whether or not to use hGH in adults.

HGH is a hormone secreted by the pituitary of all human beings. It normally declines with age until the symptoms of low growth hormone levels begin to appear. When that occurs, hGH is a hormone that can be supplemented in order to help alleviate those symptoms. It has been shown to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass, bone density, skin thickness and immune function. It has also been proven to protect against heart disease and hardening of the arteries and can also help restore restful sleep. When hGH is used in a judicious and prudent manner, in patients who are growth hormone deficient, it is simply another piece of the puzzle that will help improve overall health and quality of life. When a person is involved in a complete healthy living program with optimization of all hormones, adherence to a proper way of eating and a regular exercise program, it follows that the person will look better, feel better and be less likely to succumb to the many ills suffered by those who don’t follow such a program. In a healthy aging program, it has often been said that hGH is the” icing on the cake” as it overlaps and assists with the action of other hormones. It is logical to assume that a more healthy person will live longer, but the jury is still out on that particular subject.

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  • BSF Labs

    The dosage as associated with Genotropin Growth Hormone is mostly administrated based on the growth response, associated with the patients.

    The response to any of the somatropin therapy in pediatric patients is likely to decrease with time.
    Now, for the initial therapy stages, the pediatric patients might bot face any change in their bodily growth. However, with passing time, their growth hormone will start to work profusely and with effective results.

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