Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Thyroid Only Program)

This program is for those patients who only have an interest or need for proper thyroid balancing with supplementation, and/ or the addressing of adrenal function issues. The program includes: Initial consultation and examination, laboratory testing for assessing thyroid and adrenal function, analyzing laboratory findings, providing thyroid and / or adrenal hormones, necessary nutraceuticals, repeat consultation with doctor at six weeks with laboratory testing and dosage changes if indicated and repeat consultations with the doctor every six months thereafter. At each visit, repeat laboratory testing will be performed if indicated.

Initial Program Deposit:  $395.00

Monthly Program Fee: $165.00

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Women’s Program)

This program is for women who are undergoing hormonal changes or who have already undergone said changes (Menopause). There are many symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, depression, anxiety, loss of sex drive, irregular or absent periods and/ or poor sleep. This program includes an initial consultation/examination by the doctor with laboratory testing for estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and thyroid function. Other testing is undertaken, when indicated, such as a lipid panels, liver panels and a chemical profile assessment. The doctor will also discuss dietary concerns and exercise with you. After the initial visit, the doctor will analyze the testing results and design a hormonal replacement program based upon those results and your symptoms. You will be scheduled to return after six weeks at which time you will undergo repeat laboratory testing in order to provide information allowing changes to your program. You will then Visit the doctor every six months thereafter and undergo appropriate laboratory testing. You will receive all hormones and appropriate nutraceuticals at the address you provide.

Initial Program Deposit:  $795.00

Monthly Program Fee: $395.00

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Men’s Program)

This program is typically for men over the age of forty. As with many circumstances and situations, there are exceptions to that rule. There are numerous symptoms of andropause [male menopause) that ultimately affect all men. This program assesses a man’s symptoms, levels of tested hormones, diet and exercise activities. It starts with a consultation and examination by our doctor at which time laboratory testing is undertaken. The testing includes: thyroid function, adrenal function, testosterone and estrogen levels, DHEA , liver function, PSA, chemical profile, lipid panel and complete blood count. Based upon laboratory results, a program of hormonal supplementation will be designed for you and everything will be delivered to your door. At six weeks, you will see the doctor again and undergo testing again to determine if any dosages will be changed. You will then be seen every six months at which time you will undergo repeat testing. The program includes the above noted doctor visits, all appropriate laboratory testing, supplemental hormones, laboratory interpretation, dietary counseling and exercise counseling.

Initial Program Deposit:  $995.00

Monthly Program Fee: $495.00

Program fees are NOT covered under insurance plans. All program pricing is based upon one year. After the first year, you may renew the program for another year at the above noted monthly price unless there have been interim price changes. Please note: It is extremely important to keep all scheduled appointments in order to perform timely and necessary laboratory testing. We can offer you the maximum benefit only by ensuring that you are achieving optimal results based upon lab testing. If you have to reschedule your appointment, do so prior to the scheduled appointment date, but no more than two weeks before. If you do not keep or reschedule a set appointment, then no further prescriptions will be filled and you will be required to start the program again, from the beginning, at which time a repeat initial deposit will be due. There will be no exceptions to this requirement and you will continue to be responsible for the monthly fee noted in this agreement. Please note that no other prescriptions, outside this program, will be routinely written or authorized. Any exceptions to this rule will be considered on an individual basis only. Prescription writing or pharmacy authorizations, outside this program, will incur a cost of $35 for each occasion. Please discuss any of these issues with the doctor at the time of your visit.

Below, you will find the New Patient Forms you will need to complete for your initial visit to see Dr. Knott. Simply fill them out, print and bring them with you to your appointment. For Hormone Replacement Therapy patients, you will also need to complete the HRT Consent Form