Will Hormone Replacement Therapy stop or reverse the aging process?

The simple answer is NO because there is nothing presently available that will do either. However, it will improve your quality of life and optimize your health by making all organ systems function at a more efficient level. While no long term data is available, it is logical to assume that a healthier person will live longer.

Why can’t my doctor do this?

Your doctor could do this provided they have the knowledge and training. Dr. Knott has spent the last two decades learning about the many subtle aspects of this very interesting area of medicine. Most doctors simply don’t have the fund of knowledge necessary and rely upon erroneous or incomplete information gleaned at the time of their respective training.

How long will it be before I see results?

No two people are the same and results depend upon a number of factors. If you comply with instructions by following a program tailored for you, the probability of seeing results within the first two weeks is much greater. Some patients don’t see noticeable results for 2-3 months, but compliant patients will see results typically within two weeks. Patience is necessary regardless of your circumstances.

Will I receive any information about diet and exercise?

Achieving or maintaining good health sometimes requires making life style changes such as with the way you eat and exercise. Information about both will be provided during your time with the doctor. We do not provide prescriptions for appetite suppressants, to the contrary, you will be provided information about how to eat in a healthy manner and how to deal with food cravings. Instructions about exercise can also be provided as it is a part of an overall healthy living program.

Do you prescribe bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are preferred as they are chemically and structurally identical to those your body naturally makes.

Why can’t I be provided a prescription for the hormones I need?

You must understand that you are involved in a program that is overseen and managed by an expert in the field. Part of that program involves compliance on your part in that you must dose yourself in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. The doctor must know that you are taking everything as prescribed and one way to ensure that is to be aware of your scheduled dosing and how it coincides with reordering hormones on a timely basis. We use a high quality pharmacy that provides a superlative product at a reasonable price.

What happens after the first visit?

Once your blood test results are available to the doctor, a hormonal replacement program will be tailored for you. All replacement hormones will be shipped to you with instructions. If you have any questions, you should telephone our office. After using the replacement hormones for 6-8 weeks, you will then visit our clinic the second time in order to have your hormone levels tested again to determine if the initial dosages were appropriate. Some patients have longer adjustment periods and may require additional testing, but it is common that a patient can achieve optimal dosing after the second visit. After that, you must be seen annually at which time hormonal levels will be tested and all questions, you may have, can be answered.

What takes place during the first visit?

There will be some paperwork to complete and you will be given a written explanation of our office procedures and policies. The program will be explained to you and you will then meet with Dr. Knott who will review your symptoms (if any), perform a physical examination and take blood samples for the necessary tests. Proper diet (with recommendations) will be discussed with you and the importance of regular exercise will also be discussed.

Do you take insurance?

We only take insurance for certain ancillary services. Everyone is required to have an initial Consultation which will take about 3 hours. At this time we will discuss your financial plan and determine if your program can be covered by insurance. During the consultation you will also be given a comprehensive assessment/examination including blood-work.

How much will this cost?

There is no set cost since everyone is different. A $200 deposit fee is required to guarantee a scheduled first visit and that is applied to the consultation and examination at the time of the first visit. Laboratory fees are additional and can vary tremendously depending on your age and hormones being tested. The cost of labs can range from $200 to $700 at the time of the first visit.

Do I have to do HRT the rest of my life?

The question should be: would it be in my best interest to do this the rest of my life? The purpose of the program is to restore hormones to their optimal levels since the body’s natural tendency is to gradually reduce the secretion of all hormones as we age. It is known that the body ages faster and is more prone to disease when hormone levels are allowed to remain low. It would be in your best interest to continue the program for the rest of your life.

Is any of this dangerous?

Your levels are tested and appropriate hormones are provided that will help you achieve optimal levels that are the most healthy. Danger occurs when proper monitoring is not in place or when patients are allowed to take too much of a particular hormone. Studies about PREMPRO were undertaken and stopped because it was noted there was a higher incidence of heart disease, cancer and stroke in women taking that preparation. That preparation is composed of equine (horse) estrogens and a chemical look-alike for progesterone. The study was NOT about bio-identical hormones! No study about bio-identical hormones has ever shown any danger.

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