dr-ken-g-knottDr. Ken Knott received his medical education and earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee in 1976. He then completed a rotating surgical internship in Phoenix, Arizona through the Good Samaritan Hospital System, and an additional year training at the regional Spinal Cord Injury Center that included a rotation through one of the very first chronic pain treatment centers in the country. It was during his time in Phoenix that Dr. Knott first became aware of prolotherapy, otherwise known as regenerative injection therapy (RIT).

While in Phoenix, Dr. Knott was hired to serve in the capacity of track doctor at Phoenix International Raceway. During his stint, he developed a keen interest in automobile racing that he pursued. After competing as an amateur for six years, he began racing professionally that ultimately resulted in him becoming a regular driver in the highly touted IMSA racing series driving a Grand Touring Prototype race car. Not only did he compete, but he made his way to the winning podium on several occasions. Needless to say, Dr. Knott is not your typical doctor.

After finishing his training in Arizona, Dr. Knott then relocated to Columbus, Ohio in order to train at Ohio State University where he was fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious and world-renowned program of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). Upon completion of his residency training, Dr. Knott remained on staff as a clinical instructor, but also established a private practice. He was awarded board certification in PM&R and continued his practice of diagnosing and treating many neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Knott subsequently moved his medical practice to his present location in Marietta, Georgia in 1988. He became very active in the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine which he had joined upon its inception in 1983. Dr. Knott served as president from 2000 to 2002 and he continued to serve on the AAOM Board of Directors and chaired the marketing committee through 2009. He has been a speaker on many occasions, not only for the AAOM, but other medical and non-medical groups as well. He was instrumental in the planning and implementation of numerous medical workshops and meetings and served as the annual conference chairman for the AAOM in 2000.

For many years, Dr. Knott personally witnessed how medical myths and incorrect standards of care resulted in avoidable illnesses and misery. As a result, he authored this fact- based book in which he dispels popular medical myths and rumors about living a longer, healthier life. There are a variety of thought-provoking subjects, including those about bioidentical hormone replacement, he has made easy to understand.

Patient Testimonals

  • My story is pretty simple, Dr. Knott saved my life! When I first visited Dr. Knott, I had no energy and no motivation. I was overweight and depressed and all my doctor wanted to do was to write prescriptions for anti-depressants. I had heard about the effects of low testosterone, but my doctor told me that my level was normal for my age. He also checked my thyroid and told me it was normal and the fact was, according to him, I was just getting old! Dr. Knott talked with me, examined me and checked a number of blood studies that came back showing that both my thyroid and testosterone were very low. He prescribed a thyroid tablet and testosterone cream for me and my life began to change for the better. It took a few weeks to adjust the doses, but it has been nothing short of miraculous since that time. I really have my life back and feel 20 years younger. I don’t want to sleep until noon and I don’t get that afternoon sinking spell that had become so common. I’ve lost 30 pounds and can wear clothes that I was going to donate to Goodwill. My interest in life has been the most dramatic change and my depression is gone. With my new found energy and improved attitude, people started asking me what I was doing and I told them about Dr. Knott. My wife is much happier as well because I’m so much easier to get along with and our sex life has been revitalized. The men in my family have a history of dying young from heart disease. Dr. Knott told me about the heart protective effects of both testosterone and thyroid and that’s two things I will never stop taking. I went back to my family doctor for my annual physical and he couldn’t believe the new me. Even with the obvious positive and healthy changes, his office called to tell me that my thyroid was dangerously high! I told Dr. Knott about the phone call and he replied that it was common because most doctors really didn’t understand how to either diagnose or treat low thyroid. Regardless, I now feel better than I have in 20 years and truly feel as though Dr. Knott saved my life.

    James A. Age 57
  • Around the age of 43 or 44, I started to gain weight that I just couldn’t get rid of. I hadn’t changed my diet and I’ve been an exercise freak since college. I had always been able to shed those extra pounds by watching my diet and exercising. It just seemed to get harder and harder to lose the weight and my energy level started to suffer as well. I was concerned that something serious was wrong so I went to see my internist who ran a bunch of tests. He told me that my cholesterol was borderline high and so was my blood pressure. He prescribed Lipitor and a high blood pressure medication and said that all my other tests were normal. After about six more months, I had gained another ten pounds on top of the weight I had already gained. I didn’t feel good and I was getting to the point of being ashamed of how I looked. One of my best friends had lost weight and was looking better than she had in years so I asked her what she was doing. She told me about Dr. Knott and his approach to improving your health. I made an appointment and in spite of all my symptoms that I had told my internist about, he had missed the fact that I was hypothyroid. Even before testing, Dr. Knott told me that he strongly suspected hypothyroidism as being the major cause of most if not all my symptoms. The lab results confirmed his suspicion and he prescribed desiccated thyroid for me at that time which is now over 3 years ago. It took about 4 or 5 months to get to my proper dosage and since that time, I’ve lost all the weight I had gained and now wear clothes that would have fit me in college. My energy level has returned and I’ve been able to stop taking the cholesterol lowering drug and the high blood pressure medication. I got my life back and I’m so fortunate to have found Dr. Knott.

    Angela R. Age 49
  • I had been a professional athlete and thought I would grow old gracefully because I had good genes. At least, that’s what I thought. I got to a point in my life where my appearance, emotional status and outlook had deteriorated to such a level that I no longer recognized myself. I was always tired, never slept very well, gained weight that I couldn’t lose, got depressed, my joints were hurting and I lost all interest in sex. I tried to talk to my family doctor who told me to cut fat out of my diet and prescribed something for my depression and high blood pressure. I read an article about men and low testosterone and mentioned it to my doctor. He agreed it might be a problem and checked my levels that he said were in the low range of normal. I insisted that he do something so he agreed to inject me with testosterone once a month. I really noted a big difference, but after about a week, my old tired lackluster self began to reappear. That’s about the time I found out that an up to date program was available for guys like me and I went to see Dr. Knott. He told me that normal lab values are not always optimal. He also found my thyroid function to be sluggish. I’ve been under his care now for about 5 years and the changes have been fairly remarkable. He helped with changing the way I was eating and prescribed testosterone, thyroid and a medication to keep my estrogen in check. I’ve lost over 45 pounds and feel better than I have in years. My sex drive has returned and I just have more interest in life again, similar to the way I had always been. I don’t have to take anything for depression because I’m not depressed anymore. I now look forward to every day instead of dreading just getting out of bed.

    William C. Age 64
  • My doctor told me that all my tests were normal and that she couldn’t figure out why I was always so tired. About 3 o’clock every afternoon, I reached a point of not thinking I could make it without a nap. I was tested for anemia, low blood sugar, mono, liver disease and a number of other things, but the reason simply was never discovered. I had read a magazine article about low thyroid that mentioned that most doctors never test the free T3. My doctor assured me that my thyroid was fine, but tested it again just to make sure. She told me that my results were normal and there had to be some other reason for my symptoms. I asked her to check my free T3 level since that test was mentioned in the article and she refused telling me it wasn’t necessary. I asked her to put me on a small dose of dried thyroid to see if it helped my symptoms, but she refused telling me that she would never prescribe such a product because it was not very good. I was at my wit’s end and I was starting to get depressed wondering how I could live the rest of my life that way. I knew I shouldn’t feel the way I did and knew there had to be an answer. After reading the article on low thyroid, I began researching the symptoms for myself and came across information on the internet that described me to a “T.” After clicking on several links, I was fortunate to find the name of Dr. Knott and made an appointment. That was over two years ago and the rest of the story has been life changing. Dr. Knott explained that the diagnosis of hypothyroidism was commonly overlooked and my case was typical. My free T3 was low and he put me on desiccated thyroid. My energy level began to pick up almost immediately, but it took about 4 months to reach my proper dose. My energy level is now what I consider normal and my afternoon “sinking spells” have disappeared. My skin looks better and I no longer feel bloated like I did before. Thank you Dr. Knott for giving me my life back.

    Betty S. Age 38